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One of the most recent Finance sector trends is crowdfunding and a particularly interesting element of this is the area of crowdinvesting.

Within crowdinvesting the "crowd" (multiple small-scale investors) invests in a company or product. If a project is successful the investors either receive a return on their investment or they have a direct shareholder interest.

Initial crowdinvesting initiatives for the financing of projects in the area of renewable energy have already been tested, especially within public participation models. The advantages are firstly the generated capital (equity and mezzanine finance) and secondly the wider effects of a crowdinvesting campaign, especially in relation to marketing.

Within the scope of SEFIPA, a crowdinvesting platform for sustainable energy projects will be built up so that smaller project developers can also benefit from this alternative financing instrument. Hereby energy efficiency projects should also profit from the possibilities of crowdinvesting.

We are currently looking for suitable projects in Austria, please contact us if you are interested.