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Establishment of five SEFIPA working groups for more investment in sustainable energy

Since the SEFIPA kick-off event in June 2016, five working groups comprising approximately 40 stakeholders from administration, project development, finance and interest groups have been formed, which all work towards the realisation of energy efficiency projects and renewable energy.  

The working group "Sustainable Energy Financial Products for Institutional (and private) Investors" focuses its attention on the question of how financial products within the area of sustainable energy should be designed so that they will be asked after by institutional investors and further whether these new financial products should be offered on the market. This working group is overseen by Susanne Hasenhuettel ( and Katharina Muner-Sammer (

The "Making Energy Contracting More Attractive" working group is first of all focused on building up a professional network of "contracting mentors". This working group is also concerned with clarifying the question surrounding the "Maastricht-neutrality" of public contracting projects, which is a fundamental prerequisite for a properly functioning market in this sector. This working group is led by Monika Auer (

The working group "Incentives for Energy Effieicency Measures in Buildings" takes on the topic of energy monitoring in buildings and aims to draft guidelines in this area. Furthermore draft legislation for tax law is compiled and positioned. As a whole the topic of energy efficiency should be made more attractive for the real estate industry and the refurbishment of building stock should be increased. Gottfried Henesis ( is the leader of this group.

The members of the "Strenghthened PV-Usage for Multi-Family Houses" working group work towards making the use of photovoltaic technology within multi-family houses more attractive. One instrument to achieve this is increasing the private use of PV electricity in such buildings. Alongside text-based recommendations on this topic for the planned amendment to the "Electricity Sector Act" in Austria, concrete business and operator models for the private use of PV are under development. Gerhard Bayer ( is responsible for this working group.

The working group "Optimisation of Energy-Related Funding Systems" is concerned with stimulating concrete changes in funding guidelines to include innovative financing models (leasing, contracting etc) and to make a combination of funding sources possible. A further focus is on aggregating small-scale energy efficiency projects so that they are more attractive from a financing perspective. Clemens Ploechl ( leads this working group.

The five working groups had their first meeting (Finance Lab) in September and October 2016. The first (interim) results will be presented to the public at an event in Spring 2017. Until then, work will continue on the new crowdfunding platform Crowd4Energy, which is a further milestone of the project.

If you have any questions or comments for the working groups, please contact the individual contact partners within the SEFIPA Team!

Do you have ideas for further investment in sustainable energy? Take part in the call for ideas: