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Results of Call for ideas – Selection of ideas for more investment in energy efficiency and renewable energies

Many thanks for the numerous submissions to the Call for ideas! We asked for your ideas for new financing solutions or changes to the legal framework for sustainable energy projects (renewable energy, energy efficiency).

The SEFIPA-Team has selected three ideas on the basis of innovation, feasibility and effectiveness potential. The selected ideas will be presented as part of the Finance Lab working group meeting with stakeholders from the areas of financing, (financial) support, administration and project development to drive these suggested solutions forward and in the best case, to realise them.

The selected ideas/ topic areas in summary:

GREENPASS®- Technology, Doris Schnepf, Green4Cities: the topic here is improving the potential use of green infrastructure on buildings via a planning tool (also certification) in order to improve energy consumption and consequently quality of life.

The intergration of renewable power generation units and creating incentives for the acquisition of decentralised storage solutions at the source of generation, Stefan Übermasser, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT): for further integration of renewable energies and to create incentives for decentralised storage solutions (optimised for private-use), it has been suggested to introduce strict performance limits and staggered service delivery tarifs for end-customers, through which peak loads are flattened.

Sustainable energy and agriculture, Johannes Naimer: Suggestion for a modification or at least an exemption rule for the OeMAG-Einspeiseregeln (feed-in tarifs), through which wind power operators can sell »ex work« electricity. This could open up new opportunities for the decarbonisation of agricultre via for example plug-and-play solutions or battery charging for future e-tractors etc.