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SEFIPA Event: New ways to finance the energy transition

At the event on 26th April 2017 in the government buildings at Stubenring 1, Globelinsaal (Room II), Vienna 1010, over 50 participants discussed the first results from the project »Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria (SEFIPA)«. Five SEFIPA working groups have been analysing the following questions over the past year:

How must sustainable financing products be further developped so that they stimulate investments in renewable energy? Due to the „kleine Ökostromnovelle“ (minor ammendment to Austria's green electricity laws), which business models could be suitable for private photovoltaic use in apartment buildings? How can Energy Contracting be made more attractive? How can current support schemes be optimised? Which tax incentives can be applied to the area of energy efficiency in buildings?

Christopher Milin (EASME) and Martin Brunkhorst, European Investement Bank, gave keynote presentations (please see below). Doris Schnepf (Green4Cities) reported on the positive effects on energy consumption in buildings by making them greener and a planning tool developed for this purpose.

The SEFIPA-Team (OEGUT and Energy Changes) would like to thank the working group stakeholders for their engagement!