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Finance Lab

Within the SEFIPA Finance Lab stakeholders from the areas of financing, funding, administration and project development develop new financial products for sustainable energy and also suggestions to change the legal framework conditions in this area.


The following types of events are applied:

  • Workshops with all Finance Lab members (ca. 30 people) where strategic decisions on certain topics are made, for example
  • In smaller working groups, suggestions for solutions to a concrete topic are worked out.
  • At two large-scale events the working results are presented taking the general public into account and feedback is collected.

The project team (OEGUT, Energy Changes) are responsible for defining the content of the topics.

Results so far

On the basis of conversations with stakeholders, the following suggestions for topics to be elaborated on within Finance Lab have been collected. These were used as the working basis for the "project kick-off" event: "New Paths to Financing Climate Change" on 23.6.2016.