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Public Consultations

Call for feedback

Within a Call for public input concrete questions concerning the interim results of the Finance Lab were issued at the Sefipa homepage (web-based platform). This questionnaire was disseminated across appropriate channels (e.g. diverse newsletters) to reach the target audience (experts in the relevant fields). The inputs of the public were integrated by the consortium into the draft realization concepts. This approach helps to improve the quality of the realization concepts and therefore increases the chances for actual realization.

Call for ideas for more investment in sustainable energies!

Many thanks for the numerous submissions to the Call for ideas! We asked for your ideas for new financing solutions and/or changes to the legal framework for sustainable energy projects (renewable energy, energy efficiency). The SEFIPA-Team has selected three ideas on the basis of innovation, feasibility and effectiveness potential. The selected ideas will be presented as part of the Finance Lab working group meeting with stakeholders from the areas of financing, (financial) support, administration and project development to drive these suggested solutions forward and in the best case, to realise them.