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Monitoring – incentives for energy efficiency measures in buildings


Energy use monitoring can contribute significantly to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Currently systems which record actual use and make differences quickly visible are not very common. We would like to ask you for your opinion on this topic (obstacles and incentives for the implementation of energy use monitoring systems)

Would you make use of advice on the topic of energy use monitoring?

Yes / no / I don’t know

What are the barriers to using energy use monitoring? (multiple selections are possible)

  • Purchase costs
  • Operational costs
  • Time requirement
  • Usefulness
  • Staff resources
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of knowledge of technical possibilities

What would motivate you to introduce an energy use monitoring system? (multiple selections are possible)

  • Cost savings
  • Funding
  • Tax incentives
  • Regulations
  • Climate protection
  • ….


More than half of the experts asked would make use of advice on the topic of energy-use monitoring (see graphic 1).

Graphic 1: Would you make use of advice on the topic of energy consumption monitoring? (n=15)

The experts asked specified that the largest obstacle to the use of energy-use monitoring is lack of knowledge of the technical possibilities and also the purchase price of a monitoring system (see graphic 2).

Graphic 2: What are the obstacles to the use of energy consumption monitoring?

Funding, cost-saving and also tax incentives were the most commonly named success factors to motivate towards the introduction of an energy-use monitoring system (see graphic 3).

Graphic 3: What would motivate you towards an energy-consumption monitoring system?